Educational Tools

On this part of the site you will find several educational tools that can assist both students and professors in learning and teaching about psychological trauma.


Here you will find downloadable syllabi for both undergraduate and graduate level courses. Feel free to either use the syllabi as is or simply use them as a guide for your adaptation.


Found here are helpful slides for using or adapting for your own lecture on psychological trauma.

Classroom Activities

This page contains sample assignments and lesson ideas that students and educators may use when teaching about the importance of trauma.


Here you will find recommended books, videos, and movies related to trauma.

Informational Websites

This page contains a list of many websites with information on various types of trauma as well as links to self-help sites.

Textbook Reviews

Authors of recent reviews of Introductory Psychology and Abnormal Psychology textbooks have concluded that most textbooks should improve their coverage of trauma and its impact, particularly child maltreatment (CM) and its relationship to psychological, physical, social, cognitive, academic, legal, and economic difficulties. Professors may find it useful to read these reviews to inform their selection of textbooks for their classes.


On this page you will find a list of all the scientific journal articles cited on TeachTrauma with direct links.